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GreenTauk Engineering provides professional house elevation design services. We are located in Seaford, NY, and have been providing our services to the entire Long Island area since 2014. Contact us today at (516) 603-5770.


Professional House Elevation Design Services

Since 2014, GreenTauk Engineering has been involved in hundreds of house elevation projects. These homes were required to be elevated as a result of flood damage from Hurricane Sandy. Each of these projects included:

Pile plans
Foundation plans
Framing plans
Addition/Renovation Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

GreenTauk Engineering is involved in the project from design through construction and has extensive experience in residential construction. GreenTauk will be onsite during the construction process numerous times throughout the course of construction to communicate with the owner and contractor and to verify compliance with the approved plans and building codes. The duration of the construction process can be shortened by being able to make decisions in the field based on our construction knowledge.

The owner of GreenTauk Engineering has been performing home inspections since 2004 and has evaluated over 4,000 houses. GreenTauk is often called in to determine structural conditions from other home inspection companies. John has extensive experience in flood zone houses and house elevation projects and has been teaching home inspection classes at Molloy College since 2006.

The design/approval process depends on many factors such as the size of the project, outstanding permit issues, the local municipality involved, surveys, etc. Each municipality has a time frame for review and approval of plans and depends on the amount of work they have and the number of employees they have dedicated for plan review. Many smaller municipalities have only part-time staff dedicated for plan review. GreenTauk will submit the plans and be in communication with the plan reviewer to expedite the process.

GreenTauk will meet with the owner to determine the extent of the project and prepare preliminary plans based on site measurements. Building records will be examined at the local municipality to verify zoning and check for outstanding permit issues. Depending on the size and scope of the project, zoning issues may require a variance. Once the preliminary plans are approved by the owner, GreenTauk will prepare final plans for submission to the municipality for review. Additional submissions may be required depending on the municipal review. Once the plans are approved and the appropriate permits secured, construction begins. GreenTauk Engineering will make numerous visits during the construction process until completion.


Construction Monitoring

Construction monitoring is performed by our engineers on numerous projects. FEMA and NYS requirements must be met in order to raise homes to the design flood elevation, which is typically two feet above the base flood elevation. Factors involved include:

Local municipality requirements.

Flood Zones (AE, VE, or Coastal A)

Fire sprinkler requirements.

House Elevations Long Island

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GreenTauk handles several engineering projects, from expediting Sandy scope of work to engineering inspections to bulkhead design. Contact us today at (516) 603-5770. We serve Nassau County, Suffolk County, all five boroughs of New York City, and the entire Long Island area.

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